Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oriental Beauty

This week's newbie at prettypanda is a flower ring. 
It is so gorgeous and lovely mixed with various beads. 
It reminds me of an oriental orchid so I named it Oriental Beauty. It is a fun ring with full movement! 

Composed of:   *Crystal, fresh water pearl, beads, and Amethyst
                           *Sterling silver plated Brass ring 

The dark one is Shades of Autumn. It is mixed of various beads and stones that represent beautiful autumn colors. It will be a lovely fall fashion accessory. 

Ring is full adjustable, fitting from as small as a size 5 upto a 8.5 comfortably. It will be shipped to you promptly in a cute ring gift box. Enjoy the free shipping until the end of August. 
Here's the link to the ring page at my shop. 


  1. that is sooo pretty. I like the first one a lot. =)

  2. These rings are beautiful! Lovely blog!

  3. Thank you so much! If you want to give this as a gift to your special one, let me know! It will be in a beautiful ring box!


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