Friday, August 7, 2009

* August Giveaway *

I would like to thank all my wonderful customers, face book fans, Etsy friends, and my blog followers. So many wonderful things happened to me this week. My watermelon scarf was featured on Etsy Storque Spotlight under the title of Live and Let Dye! Also, the apple green scarf was featured on theLowerearside's treasury and on etsy front page. I am so excited like a birthday girl:)

To thank my customers and celebrate Panda's 300 sales, I'm having this drawing event in August. My give away item is a pretty panda gift card ($15 value) at my shop. To enter this drawing, please leave your comment on your purchased item or favorite item. If you're a new visitor at pretty panda, you can buy anything at my shop and leave a comment below this slideshow by August 29. If you want to leave your comment here, you need to sign up for google account. It's free to join in. If you don't want to go this process, just message me that you want to participate and I'll include your name. 

Mr. Panda (my hubby) will choose two names randomly from the list on August 30. Hope you win this gift card.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy the slide show.


  1. Hi there! I noticed you as a new follower today.. thank you! Your scarves are beautiful... I'll have to bookmark you in my favorites on Etsy! I hope you have a great weekend! - Suzanne

  2. Hi!!!
    I bought from you the pink scar's absolutely wonderful!!!
    Soooo soft and so classy ans the colors are sooo delicate but vibrants!!!

  3. Thanks a lot, Suzanne and Dany! You are so sweet! Good luck to both of you!
    Denise added her comment on my shop! She wants to participate, too.

  4. Hi Panda!
    I haven't bought any of your scarves *yet*, but I have a few on my list! I love the purple & the lavender & just noticed the summer island one's gorgeous!
    Congrats on your recent Etsy exposure!

  5. Hi! thank you for leaving a comment on my giveaways blog :)

    This scarf is so pretty and colorful i love it!
    I don't own any scarves at all, yet, but i would love to have this one and many others that you have listed in your shop =D

    Your blog is very cute btw!

  6. Thank you, dae0n! I'm so happy that you're joining with us!
    Also, my customer, Megan in Maryland wants to join this event!
    I wish anyone who doesn't have google account can easily leave comments here. There are many customers who don't have google accounts. If so, please message me and I'll include your name here!

  7. I have to say, pretty much all the scarves are my favourite, and would choose the colours depending on my outfit or mood that day :) (LethargicLass)

  8. Got my gorgeous hot pink scarf today in the mail.... I LOVE IT!!!! Told my mom about your shop too, she is a serious scarf-wearer too. So I'm passing along the word for you!! Go girl!

  9. lpdawg23,
    Wow, you made my day! thank you for your compliment and your kindness to tell your mom about my shop! Glad that you're in! yeah!!!

  10. Unjung!
    my favorite purchase from your shop that i have made are these little cherry blossom earrings! they go with everything!

    :D you're the best! good luck to everyone entering the drawing!

  11. Love the cheerful!
    Hope you have a lovely week dear!

  12. Hello!

    ...If I may, I would love to add my name to the drawing. I love your store!

    I have bought two things--the black peacock with silver tails and the silver flower set ( I don't know if I can choose a favorite between them, though! Everytime I wear either, I get tons of compliments, and I feel like a princess!

    You make such lovely things!

    All the best,


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