Sunday, July 19, 2009

My scarf was featured in Etsy Storque!

Yah! On July 14, Jackie, the editor of Lucky Magazine wrote an article of Beach Essentials in Etsy Storque.
Guess what? my purple scarf was featured one of her beach essential items. Here's the article. If you scroll down, you'll see my purple scarf! She wrote a wonderful article and I'd like to thank her one million times!

Also, thanks to her article, my sales reached over 200th. As I promise with my customers, I pick two customers (names) randomly and give a pretty panda gift certificate ($15) every hundredth sale. My husband helped me with this raffle.
The lucky winners are:
Linda Honts in CA and Karen Vocke in MI. I will message the winners with the gift certificate!
Thank you again and good luck to everyone! You might be a winner next time when my sale reaches 300th!


  1. congratulations Unjung! What a beautiful purple scarf

  2. oh, grats, unjung! that's amazing!


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